1. These are my layouts for my PEP160 project on Indesign. I am really pleased with the final layout I have created. I like the story that I have created, and I really enjoyed laying out and designing different ways of showing my work through Indesign. I done a lot of research for this project, which mainly involved looking on www.issuu.com at a range of different magazine layouts, as well as reading and looking at print based magazines. I think this inspired me to be more creative with the layouts, which I think has worked out well.

    My style of design is really minimalistic and clean, and I have tried to stick to this when doing this project. I have taken inspiration from magasines such as Desillussion, as well as skateboard magasines such as Thrasher and Skateboard Mag. Because we had to do a shoot specifically for this project, when taking my skateboard photos I was able to deliberately leave a lot of clean space so that it suited my style of design.

  3. Shoots //  Will Bakes

    Will is on my course at University. This is him playing a drum and bass at Mango’s bar in Falmouth.

  4. Shoots // Surfing

    A couple of shots from the surf today on the south coast of Cornwall.

  5. Shoots // Itchy Feet Night

    Took some images at a soul/swing night in Falmouth last night. Found it pretty awkward as it was so busy but managed to get a few shots out of the madness..

  6. Photographer // Jocelyn Bain Hogg

    Jocelyn Bain Hogg is a british photographer and photojournalist who has shot for the likes of Vogue, The Independent, Elle and GQ to name a few. His body of work that caught my eye was from the book “The Firm”, which gives an astonishingly intimate view of London’s organised crime world. I have looked at this project for research on my most recent University Project which was titled “Relationships”.

    More of Bain Hogg’s work here:


  7. Shoots // Rupert

    These photos were taken for a portrait project at uni. Shot at the Royal William Yard in Plymouth. 

  8. Shoots // Natalie

    A couple of images taken a few weeks back whilst shooting for a portrait project in the studio. These were taken trying out a Canon 50mm f1.2L Series lense and Elinchrom studio lamps.

  9. Shoots// Porthleven

    A couple of black and white images of Porthleven taken late last year. Going to posting more current shoots and thoughts this week just need to get on a scanner over the next few days!

  10. Inspiration // Darkness and Light - Richard Avedon

    A really inspiring video from world renowned fashion photographer Richard Avedon. Check it out..